Our Story


Nehemiah Bible Church officially launched in June 2013. This church family was born out of the Brookside Initiative and Kids Church Program initially headed by College Park Church. Men, women and children from the Brookside neighborhood and College Park Church partnered together to ignite a passion to follow Jesus, and to rebuild the family and community of this historic near-east Indy neighborhood.


Who We Are

All local churches have unique facets to their culture. Nehemiah Bible Church focuses on rebuilding family and community through igniting a passion to follow Jesus Christ. Within the framework of sound doctrine, we value an atmosphere of theological freedom with humility and a non-divisive spirit. We want to reflect the unified beauty of Father, Son, and Spirit, participating in the building of the multi-faceted Kingdom of our triune God. We are committed to Biblical unity in diversity. As leaders we must have insight and agreement to, not only the doctrinal basis of NBC, but we must also agree to the mission and values of this particular church. We must be unified around our theology, but our unity must also be seen in our agreement as to the cultural setting in which we will carry out our mission.